Season 3 Episode Guide

  • Episode 1: Duck Season Eve

    On the night before duck season starts, the guys follow a Robertson tradition by camping on the family land. Willie brings the Duck Commander RV along, splitting them into two groups - one willing to rough it and one ready to sleep comfortably in the RV. Phil runs into resistance from Miss Kay when he tries to uphold his own tradition of not bathing until the season starts

  • Episode 2: Ring Around the Redneck

    Missy decides that Jase needs to replace his wedding ring, which he lost years ago during a frog hunt. He gets a new one but soon loses it while duck hunting, forcing the guys to figure out a plan to break the news to Missy. Si pulls his old metal detector out of storage to help find the ring, but he gets distracted hunting for treasure that he buried in his yard after he returned from Vietnam years ago.

  • Episode 3: Duck Be a lady

    Sadie has been elected to the homecoming court at her high school, but Willie disapproves of her dress selection. He takes her shopping for a different one, with Si tagging along to get out of work for the day. Meanwhile, the warehouse's coffee maker breaks down, leaving Jase without his usual morning cup until Jep suggests that that the guys try a new coffee shop.

  • Episode 4: Hally-Si-Nations

    With Willie ditching work, the guys decide to do the same and fix up the duck blinds on the Robertson land. While out, Si believes he spots what he thinks is the infamous "Black Panther," which leads the nay-saying men on a mission to prove that what Si saw was an apparition of his imagination. Back at Phil's house, Phil enlists the help of his football-playing grandson Reed and his fellow teammate to do chores, claiming that the tasks will "make them better football players."

  • Episode 5: Shot Thru the Heart

    John Luke breaks up with his girlfriend, so the Duckmen take him hunting to get over it, even though he is unfazed by the breakup. Phil and Miss Kay spend the day having their picture taken with their dogs by pet photographer Seth Casteel.

  • Episode 6: Tickets to the Fun Show

    Si wins $2,000 during the company's Casino Night and uses the money to buy a massage chair, but it proves to be such a distraction that Willie makes him return it. Si instead has Willie take him to a children's pizza place and fun center so he can win a giant stuffed purple gorilla. Phil takes the rest of the guys to a secret fishing location, after blindfolding them first, but run into trouble from both the landowner and a group of beavers that have dammed up the water flow.

  • Episode 7: Band of the Brothers

    Willie buys a motorcycle he can't drive, dyes his beard, and he begins playing guitar. Jase and the others suspect a mid-life crisis, which prompts another brotherly challenge. Miss Kay and Phil decide they need cats to help deal with a mouse problem.

  • Episode 8: Bass Man Standing

    Duck Commander gets its own section in the local Bass Pro Shops store, and Willie envisions a huge poster of the Duckmen as a backdrop. His plan makes for a long, uncomfortable photo shoot and gets derailed after Jep sends in the wrong picture. Miss Kay embarrasses John Luke and Sadie in front of their friends by going bowling with the group.

  • Episode 9: Si-amese Twins

    Willie is forced to do a human resources seminar on a Saturday. During the meeting, Si handcuffs himself to Willie and Jase takes glee when the key goes missing. Korie and Missy convince Miss Kay to buy a new washer and dryer set but she and Phil get completely lost looking for the store.

  • Episode 10: Aloha, Robertsons!

    After all their hard work, Willie decides to take the entire Robertson clan on a family vacation to Kalaoa, Hawaii. But Willie's daily itinerary for the trip gets constantly undetermined by the family's desire to participate in their own island activities.